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in order to strengthen enterprise information management, create an efficient office model, realize enterprise resource sharing and efficient integration, carry out standardized and refined operations, and better serve the market. ruize technology has recently launched the trial of the collaborative office app "enterprise wechat".
enterprise wechat is an important tool for customer management. in order to let everyone quickly understand the functions of "enterprise wechat", on the afternoon of march 31, ruize technology first launched "enterprise wechat" in the conference room on the first floor for the marketing department. "enterprise wechat" user instruction training.

ms. chen qi from the digital business department explained the relevant modules of "enterprise wechat" to colleagues in the marketing department. combined with the marketing department, it introduced the usage, customer management, application scenarios, and functional significance of enterprise wechat in detail to ensure that every participant can operate enterprise wechat proficiently.

the customer contact function of enterprise wechat, access, management, precipitation, operation of customers, efficient contact... during the training process, everyone actively interacted and discussed the problems encountered in the operation process, in order to quickly grasp the "enterprise wechat" ” to improve office efficiency.

through this training, employees have a deeper understanding of the functions and operation procedures of enterprise wechat, which will also bring more convenience to the unified management of customers, the realization of intelligent marketing, and the continuous and efficient business development in the future.
in the future, ruize will make efficient use of enterprise wechat to provide customers with more efficient and convenient services.