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ruize technology successfully passed the certification audit of the "three systems" in 2020-凯发k8官方网站

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       on january 9, 2020, the audit expert team of china assessment international certification (beijing) co., ltd., accompanied by wu tao, deputy general manager of ruize technology the work of the “system” has been fully inspected and audited.
       "three systems" is a quality management system standard formulated by the international organization for standardization (iso), which refers to the 9001 quality management system, 24001 environmental management system, and 45001 occupational health management system. the company’s various tasks are strict implement in accordance with system standards. the certification audit process aims to improve the company's overall management level, discover problems in depth, and solve problems in management and work.
       the expert group led by manager yuan jingyu conducted detailed exchanges and guidance on the operation of the system with the heads of various departments, and highly praised and fully affirmed the effective operation and continuous improvement of the company’s "three systems" in order to improve the effectiveness of the system operation, it also put forward management and work recommendations. during the review process, the heads of various departments actively cooperated and carefully recorded the rectification opinions.
       mr. yuan of the expert group conducted a systematic training of the "three systems" at 9:30 am on january 10th for the heads and key personnel of various departments to truly integrate system thinking and actual work. the idea is applied to management, and the management system is continuously improved to promote the company's further improvement in quality, environment, and occupational health and safety management, and to ensure the continuous and effective operation of the system.
       ruize technology will increase the implementation of the "three systems" in 2020, organize regular trainings for all employees, improve the abilities of all employees, and lay a solid foundation for achieving the annual goal.