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ruize technology held a monthly work summary and commendation meeting-凯发k8官方网站

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       on the morning of may 14, 2020, ruize technology held a monthly work summary and commendation meeting, aiming to set benchmarks and unify goals.
       in the process of implementing the company’s requirements, a group of outstanding employees enthusiastically changed their work methods, broke standardism, and truly changed their thinking to form a unity with the company. use the action and strength of the example to clarify the direction and goal of all employees for the next stage of work.
       mr. zhou guoqing, chairman of the board of directors, combined with the overall situation of the company and the market, clarified the specific requirements for the next stage of work, requiring all employees to learn work skills, improve customer service capabilities, and use professional capabilities and professionalism to play their role of responsibility , insufficient reflection, let go of self, correct work attitude, internalize the company's requirements in heart, and output valuable work results for yourself and the company.
       in the next stage of work, we hope that all employees can learn from benchmark employees with down-to-earth spirit, high spirits and sufficient work enthusiasm, and focus on company goals and requirements to actively promote effective implementation of various tasks, full efforts to grasp the results, and strive to promote the development of the company.