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       1. the retractable function of the exhibition box refers to: the pedestrian entrance encounters danger, and the exhibition box retracts to the center of the revolving door to expand the distance between the exhibition box and the upright column, thereby producing greater the space protects pedestrians from being pinched. this door retains the original appearance and structure of the traditional revolving door, but is only an upgrade of the safety function.
       second, the main technical indicators of the retraction of the exhibition box:
       1. mechanically break the traditional two-wing automatic revolving door to hoist the exhibition box at a fixed point without sliding. through the measurement and calculation of the center of gravity position, determine the hoisting position and key points of the exhibition box, and use box-type linear bearings. , the structure of the guide shaft and the guide shaft seat to achieve the overall sliding of the exhibition box, and to ensure that the overall structure of the exhibition box can always remain stable during the start and stop process of the retracting function. from the mechanical structure, it breaks through the hidden safety hazard of the traditional revolving door since its birth.
       2, control system
       a. the realization of the display box retracting function, which is an extension of the traditional revolving door function. this function can be turned off and it will be exactly the same as all the functions of the traditional revolving door . when the revolving door is officially activated, the touch screen will alert whether this function is turned on or not.
       b. the trigger mode of the display box retracting function: the realization of "non-contact active trigger" and "squeeze passive trigger". in normal use, you can select the trigger mode of safety protection according to different installation places!
       c. setting and distinguishing the trigger area of the exhibition box retracting function, the trigger area is now defined as: the front stile of the exhibition box is within 500mm from the entrance column. no other area operation will trigger this function.
       d. the realization of the trigger reset mode of the display box retracting function, there are two existing modes: one is that the system automatically resets after 3 seconds; the other is reset manually from the touch screen. during the reset process, it has the function of rebound in case of resistance to prevent secondary injury to pedestrians. press the emergency stop button to stop the reset in any state.