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riding the wind and breaking the waves, the star shines on ruize | ruize technology stage commendation meeting was successfully held-凯发k8官方网站

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on the morning of august 21, 2020, shandong ruize automation technology co., ltd. held the "ride the wind and the waves, "xing yao rui ze" as the theme of the stage commendation meeting. at the meeting, individuals who performed outstandingly in the 2020 phase of work were commended, and three awards were awarded, "most beautiful ruize people", "rise pioneer award", and "rise saint seiya". a total of 7 advanced employees from the production and operation department, r&d technology department, market service department, material department and other departments were awarded. the founder and general manager zhou guoqing attended the meeting.

at the moment of honor, the stars are brilliant  
promote corporate culture and build vitality. in the process of enterprise development and growth, a number of outstanding teams and individuals have emerged. they dare to embrace change, always be result-oriented, change their minds, and tighten focusing on the core ideas of the founder, we will advance and retreat together with the company, and grow together with ruize. use example actions and strengths to clarify the direction and goals of the next stage of work.

review and summarize, make persistent efforts
at the meeting, the founder mr. zhou guoqing led everyone to seriously summarize the work of the previous stage. mr. zhou pointed out that the core competitiveness of an enterprise comes from service, and service comes from understanding the market, understanding customers and helping them solve problems, and they will naturally become partners. the essence of competition is the competition between service awareness and service ability.
all employees must be customer-oriented, treat work with awe and provide customers with cost-effective products ; treat customers with gratitude and provide them with considerate service; strictly demand ourselves with rules and regulations, ensure management standardization, production mechanization, process streamlining, process standardization, inspection compulsory, for the market and customers provide vital, safe and high-quality revolving automatic door products.