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ruize employee benefits are coming!
ruize people, let's take a trip where you can go!

life is not only work, but also poetry and distance
body and soul, there is always one on the way
ruize employee benefits
group building tourism activities are coming

raising the team’s sails  exhibit the sharp demeanor
in order to enrich the cultural life of employees and strengthen the cohesion of the company's team, the company organized all employees to go to qingzhou wangfu valley scenic area to build a group.
10d net red glass suspension bridge, starry sky rafting, exciting zipline, gorgeous musical fountain, cultural treasure hunting in the ancient city and other activitieslight the passion of ruize people for hard work and forge ahead. love for a better life.

start with a good mood

on the morning of august, the sky was high and the clouds were pale. a tourist bus carrying a car full of laughter and laughter set off from ruize. after more than an hour's drive, we arrived at the wangfu valley scenic spot in qingzhou.

happy silhouette

the road full of nepeta and mud at work, occasionally needs the comfort of mountains and stars, and the green mountains and beautiful waters at a glance, the whole person's mood is relaxed! with joy, everyone was involved in the game!
on the 10d glass suspension bridge, there are screams one after another, as well as the sound of footsteps walking calmly, more of the sound of encouragement from the ruize team to help each other!

next is the fun and exciting rafting project, drifting along the river with a drop of up to 58 meters, passing the caves on the way, and watching the light show, you can feel the leisurely fun, relax, laugh, and release the work brought pressure!

in the afternoon, everyone came to the ancient city of qingzhou. while visiting hundreds of time-honored brands, they felt the charm of traditional culture and felt the harmony and compatibility of natural and human landscapes.

this team building activity has enriched the amateur life of ruize people and allowed the team to experience the company’s warmth and care. while enhancing team cohesion, it fully demonstrated the company’s corporate culture. everyone expressed their gratitude to the company and the founder, so that ruize people can devote themselves to work with more enthusiasm while relaxing and cultivating their sentiments!
in the future, we will go hand in hand to create greater glories!