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congratulations to ruize technology for winning the outstanding vice president unit of the 2019 automatic door and electric door branch-凯发k8官方网站

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        on august 28, 2020, the automatic door electric door branch vice president (enlarged) meeting was held in guiyang century golden resources hotel. a total of 28 branch vice-chairmen, representatives of the association's directors, all branch staff, and representatives of supporting units from all over the country attended the meeting.

        pan guanjun, deputy secretary-general of china construction metal structure association and chairman of automatic door and electric door branch, attended the meeting. deputy secretary-general pan briefed the delegates on the change of the 11th council of the association; briefly reviewed the five highlights of the industry's work in 2019 and made key plans for the second half of the industry's work: to promote innovation and technological progress, and to promote cross-industry integration and the research and development of new smart doors, support the utilization of solid industrial waste, adapt to the coordinated development model of smart construction and building industrialization, and continue to do a good job in standardization.

        three outstanding vice-chairmen of the 2019 branch were commended at the meeting: zhou guoqing, general manager of shandong ruize automation technology co., ltd., liu rungen, chairman of jiangxi yum intelligent technology co., ltd., and haida door control co., ltd. yang guoyuan, general manager of the company. deputy secretary-general pan guanjun issued certificates to the three outstanding vice presidents, and hoped that the winners will live up to their time, keep their mission in mind, take responsibility, and set an example, in order to lead enterprises in integrity and self-discipline, improve quality and innovation, and promote the healthy development of industry standards. keep working hard and make new achievements!

        mr. zhou guoqing, general manager of ruize technology, spoke as the award-winning representative in the field of automatic doors: we must live up to the spur and encouragement of the branch and continue to be a good local industry association work and the enterprise's own operation, leading the technological innovation and product innovation of the automatic door industry.

        in the interactive communication session, the participants shared their own business experience and discussed innovation, transformation, characteristics of prospective industries, contrarian growth methods, marketing models, intelligent manufacturing, cross-industry cooperation, and improvement the quality of service, shortening the supply cycle, developing major customers, expanding the military and foreign markets, doing a good job in regional markets and market segments, focusing on platform construction and technical training, refined management, professional and strong, and many other issues have been constructive. opinion.
        deputy secretary-general pan guanjun made a summary and comment on the meeting, asking everyone to respond to the overall deployment of the party central committee’s economic work in the second half of the year, improve political positions and sense of social responsibility, face the overall situation of the industry, be brave and continue to be pragmatic do all the work well; i hope everyone can unify their thinking, clarify tasks, expand their horizons, innovate and seek changes through this conference, and work together to contribute to the development of the industry!

       shandong ruize automation technology co., ltd. is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the r&d and manufacturing of revolving doors and commercial doors (high-end certificate number: gr201837001282), and is the chairman unit of shandong door industry association. vice president unit of automatic door electric door branch of china construction metal structure association; won the "shandong province credit aaa enterprise", won the "four new achievement award", "golden shield award" advanced unit, and "national revolving door" selected by china construction metal structure association manufacturing demonstration base".
       "safety·product" is the core product philosophy of ruize enterprise! ruize technology has always been at the forefront of the industry. the ruize sotc series-exhibition box retracting and anti-pinch technology has obtained national patent authorization and tuv rheinland safety certification.