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zhou guoqing
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with the rapid development of china's economy, many commercial and office spaces have chosen revolving doors for the entrances and exits, and people gradually like this kind of "doors that are always open and always closed." however, some domestic revolving door manufacturers still have various drawbacks such as small scale, low production efficiency, and lack of branded products, which have seriously affected the competitiveness of china’s revolving door industry in the international market.
shandong ruize automation technology co., ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development and manufacturing of revolving doors and commercial doors. innovative patented technology solves the hidden safety hazards of traditional revolving doors pinching pedestrians.
zhou guoqing, chairman, general manager and chief engineer of shandong ruize automation technology co., ltd. started business in 2002, 18 years from scratch, from an obscure production enterprise to achieve industry benchmarks, relying on the craftsman spirit of unyielding and the business philosophy of "customer first, integrity-based". after years of exploration and practice, in continuous study and research, zhou guoqing has clarified the core concept of product research and development, which is to "make revolving door products with vitality". as a high-tech enterprise, ruize technology's annual r&d investment accounts for more than 10% of sales. its products have obtained more than 20 patent certificates and four computer software 凯发k8官方网站 copyright registration certificates. among them, the two-wing revolving door with retractable display box and anti-pinch people not only won the national patent, but also passed the tüv rheinland safety certification, reaching the domestic advanced level. it has promotion value in the industry and has high economic and social benefits.
over the years, zhou guoqing has led shandong ruize automation technology co., ltd. to focus on the innovation of revolving door technology and has won many honors in the industry. shandong ruize automation technology co., ltd. is the chairman unit of shandong door industry association, and won the "national revolving door manufacturing demonstration base", "shandong credit aaa enterprise", "annual integrity manufacturer", "golden shield award advanced unit", etc. more than 20 honors have a high influence in the industry. zhou guoqing is currently the president of shandong door industry association, vice president of binzhou chamber of commerce in zibo high-tech zone, vice president of china construction metal structure association automatic door and electric door branch, industry newcomer, and member of the expert group. he was awarded the 2017 "zibo chief technician" , 2018 "qilu chief technician", 2018 "zibo gold medal craftsman", "revital zibo labor medal", 2019 china construction metal structure association "2014-2019 new talent" and other honorary titles. many personal honor certificates and corporate awards not only represent the recognition and affirmation of the industry, but also let ruize technology surpass all obstacles in the rotary automatic door industry with the halo of honor, and have achieved dazzling achievements.
ruize, derived from the transliteration of rise, means "forge ahead, benevolent to society". ruize's logo is designed by the fusion of three primary colors, which means that the development of the enterprise has infinite possibilities. development thinking, quality first, mr. zhou guoqing always believes that only with development vision and thinking can lead the company to a better future. use the growth thinking that spans the cycle for in-depth thinking, and insist on using mature management thinking and decisive and accurate decision-making ability to lead the team to unswervingly run on the road of technological innovation.