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ruize revolving door was selected as "top ten brands of revolving door in china" -凯发k8官方网站

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in december 2020, shandong ruize automation technology co., ltd. (abbreviated as: ruize technology) was selected as one of the "top ten brands of revolving doors in china" and the "preferred member unit in the revolving door industry".
since its establishment, ruize technology has continuously carried out independent product innovation, deepened the core concept of "safety and product", and regarded the safety of product users as the most important responsibility. the r&d team spent five years optimizing and innovating from the perspective of mechanical structure. the fault-safe function is integrated into the product, overcoming the structural defects of the revolving door, and developing a two-wing revolving door that retracts the display box and prevents people from being trapped. this product has obtained a national patent. the patent name: a revolving door that can slide the display box. structure, patent number: zl 2019 2 0240828.2; its control system-the display box retracting function control system has obtained the national soft ownership right, registration number: 2020sr0018629; the product has passed the product testing and safety certification of tuv rheinland.
in august 2020, the exhibition box retractable and anti-pinch two-wing revolving door successfully passed the new product safety appraisal meeting organized by the china metal structure automatic door and electric door branch. the appraisal meeting was led by the director of the china building curtain wall, door and window inspection center, and was appraised after extensive discussions by experts, they agreed that the exhibition box retractable and anti-pinch technology has promotion value in the industry, and also has high economic and operating benefits. they agreed that the exhibition box retractable and anti-pinch two-wing automatic revolving door product passed the safety appraisal; in october, ruize technology was selected into the "2020 zibo gazelle enterprises" list, and at the same time it was selected into the cctv "rising china" column. the famous host shui junyi and chairman zhou guoqing conducted a special interview with ruize technology; 12 cctv’s “rising china” program officially broadcasted a special report on the month, which attracted strong attention and response from the society after the program was broadcast. as a national brand of the rise of china’s revolving door, ruize is committed to the promotion of safety revolving door as its own responsibility and safety. revolving door products, benefit the society!