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the launching ceremony of ruize lecture hall was held in the training room-凯发k8官方网站

date:2021/04/21 10:00:04 view:
        on the afternoon of april 20th, the launching ceremony of ruize lecture hall was held in the meeting room on the first floor of the company. all employees of the company participated in the launching ceremony.
        at the launching ceremony, zhou guoqing, the company’s chairman and general manager, explained the company’s purpose of holding a corporate lecture hall, how to make yourself more valuable and meaningful, and encourage everyone to keep learning in their work and comply with the company system, and strive to build a learning and innovative team.
        through the ruize lecture hall, the company will arrange corresponding training courses according to the company's development plan and departmental needs to enhance employees' professional skills, teamwork capabilities between departments, and make good use of the company platform better promote employees to better realize their personal value at work.
        the company's administrative and human resources department interpreted the implementation plan of the ruize lecture hall. i hope all ruize colleagues can cherish the current training and learning opportunities, continue to grow, improve themselves, and develop together with the company.