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ruize technology "sharing factory" appears at the 31st construction expo-凯发k8官方网站

date:2021/05/04 10:04:05 view:
        from april 30th to may 3rd, the 31st china (beijing) international building decoration and materials expo was held in beijing china international exhibition center (shunyi new hall). the new marketing model of “shared factory” of ruize technology was unveiled at the construction expo. once the "shared factory" model was proposed, it has aroused heated discussion and sought after in the industry. from the perspective of users and customers, a safer travel experience and a more open and transparent price cooperation model have won the wide attention and agreement of many merchants and industry professionals. praise, the exclusive protection of prefecture-level city partners, comprehensive empowerment, enhance the competitiveness of partners, help partners develop, and share a win-win situation.
        at this exhibition, rui ze also brought the two-wing exhibition box retractable without people trapping the automatic revolving door. the automatic revolving door that retracts the two wingspan and does not trap people solves the safety problem of people trapping in the revolving door through innovative mechanical design, making travel safer and more comfortable. at present, the technology has obtained national patent authorization, and passed the technical appraisal of national industry experts and german tuv certification.
        ruize is committed to becoming a world-renowned brand of safety revolving doors. in october 2020, based on the contribution to the industry, the well-known cctv host shui junyi conducted an exclusive interview with zhou guoqing, the chairman and general manager of ruize technology, and it was broadcast on cctv. at the same time, the ruize sotc "everything for safety" advertisement landed on cctv and all david sees.