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        on may 26, the 11th china (yongkang) international door industry expo was grandly opened. as the "weathervane" and "barometer" of the category and its surrounding industries, this expo attracted more than 500 well-known domestic and foreign enterprises to participate in the exhibition. ruize technology's two-wing display box retractable without people trapping the automatic revolving door made a stunning appearance. ruize technology is eye-catching enough in product marketing mode, exhibited products, or scene interaction. on the first day of the launch, it attracted nearly a hundred domestic visitors. foreign businessmen discuss cooperation.
        in this exhibition, ruize technology showcased its industry's two-wing exhibition box retractable automatic revolving door without people trapping, which won the unanimous affirmation and praise of the majority of merchants. the revolving door with the retractable function of the exhibition box developed by the r&d team of ruize technology for 5 years adopts the "avoidance principle" and adopts the "running frequency conversion technology innovative design of mechanical structure". when danger occurs, the narrow space is expanded from 40mm to 300mm. , enough to hold a person, structurally let this cannibal scissors structure disappear, from the source, solve the hidden safety problem of people in this dangerous area. the display box retracting technology is the "error-safety" function of the revolving door itself. even if pedestrians make mistakes, the innovative structure of the product itself no longer poses a risk of pinching pedestrians, and solves the protection function that cannot be achieved by traditional safety protection. hidden dangers disappear to ensure the safety of pedestrians. at present, the technology has obtained national patent authorization, and passed the technical appraisal of national industry experts and german tuv certification.

        in 2021, after product and brand upgrade and reshaping, ruize technology's expansion and layout will usher in an important moment, and the ruize technology brand plan will be fully implemented. ruize technology respects and serves users' multiple value choices and pursuits of life, focuses on the value pursuit of consumers in the new era with an international vision, and provides users with safe, intelligent, and high-quality entrance and exit solutions.