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"beyond opponents, surpass yourself" fun games-凯发k8官方网站

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   you say cold in winter, hot in summer, and the wind is too strong in spring. it is suitable for sports in the early autumn when the olympics just ended.
  "beyond opponents, surpass ourselves", in this early autumn, there were fierce cheering, cheers, and shouts in the shandong ruize technology factory. the joy and passion of this fun games are flying in every corner of ruize technology. every employee is full of laughter and endless pride. they must show themselves in the games and give play to their specialties.
   ruize technology labor union organizing committee actively organized employees to launch a fun sports meeting-invincible hot wheels competition. all members of the factory participated in this fun games, and the whole factory was divided into 4 participating teams.

   every part of the competition can exercise everyone's ability to use their hands and brains, as well as the spirit of unity and cooperation at work. this is not only a competition of wisdom and physical strength, but also a perfect competition of unity and cooperation.

  from the beginning to the end of the sports meeting, every athlete and team involved in the competition will affect the heartstrings of the employees present. breathe together, share fate. cheer, cheer, and applaud each other. the laughter and laughter at the scene one after another, truly reflected everyone's great enthusiasm and regaining their lost virginity.

   this fun games strengthened the cohesion within the departments, increased the enthusiasm of employees to participate in activities, and enhanced the communication between departments. it has built a stage for employees to show their talents, enhance friendship, and hone their will, and provide a platform for "happy sports and healthy sports". with their own strength and teamwork spirit, the athletes have achieved the style and level of the competition, and achieved both spiritual civilization and sports performance. the fun games have more fun and innocence, allowing employees to experience the joy of sports, the fun of competition, and the joy of participation, cultivate the awareness of rules and the spirit of collaboration, and stimulate the potential of sports, not only for the psychological quality of employees the review of physical fitness and sports level is also a review of organizational discipline and mental outlook.

this fun games ended with cheers. the noble collectivism displayed by the athletes and the staff of the games, especially the referees, during this period will be an example for us to learn from, and we will take this games as a new one. the starting point of the company is to pack up, pack up, and follow the company's corporate motto of "being diligent and conscientious" and marching toward the goal of "higher, faster, and stronger" together with the company!