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incredible! cctv, provinces, municipalities and taiwan rush to report! why is ruize revolving door so hot? -凯发k8官方网站

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  the high-end, atmospheric and high-grade revolving door combines various advantages.
   is always open to the outside world, accepting every visitor;
   is always closed inside, faithfully fulfilling the duty of a door, sound insulation, dustproof, energy saving...
   therefore, revolving doors are widely used in large venues such as airports, hotels, shopping malls, and commercial buildings.
   the american society of heating, refrigeration and air-conditioning engineers researched and concluded: the revolving door entrance is a cost-effective building entrance.
   but the cost-effective revolving door entrance, due to its own structural design, there is a "hidden danger of trapping people"!

   in august 2013, a 5-year-old boy was playing at the entrance of a hotel. his head was accidentally pinched by the revolving door. he was then sent to the hospital for treatment. fortunately, he was not life-threatening.
   in 2016, a naughty boy in hebei got stuck in the revolving door with his leg and was almost disabled.
   in 2017, in the lobby of the zunyue hotel on changjiang east road, hefei, a three-year-old boy was accidentally caught tightly by the revolving door of the hotel and paused on the spot.

(the picture comes from the internet)
  civilian pass equipment, safety is a key factor that cannot be ignored.
according to the national standard gb/-2017 "general technical requirements for pedestrian automatic doors", during the operation of the two-wing revolving door, the front stile of the two-wing door exhibition box and the right column frame of the door are at a distance of 500mm. passing, it is easy to cause impact and clamping damage to people between the front stile and the upright column of the two-wing door exhibition box.
   although various safety measures have been adopted during the processing, installation and use of the revolving door products, there are still risks in the use process, especially the problem of easy trapping in the main danger zone.

ruize exhibition box retracting technology overcomes safety hazards!
ruize technology always puts scientific and technological innovation and independent research and development in the first place. the team has developed an automatic revolving door product with two wings that retracts and does not trap people. the safety hazards of traditional revolving doors pinching pedestrians!
  the product has not only won national patents, but also passed the tüv rheinland safety certification. the domestic expert group’s industry appraisal of “new products, new technologies” overcomes the safety problem that plagues the industry of people trapping at the entrance and exit of automatic revolving doors.
the successful research and development of    display box retracting technology has great significance in promoting the safety of the entire industry and has attracted rushing reports from major media. media at all levels, including cctv "rising china", shandong news network, zibo news network, etc. have conducted exclusive interviews and reports on the automatic revolving door of ruize sotc exhibition box retracted without trapping people!
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  strength casts brands, and brands make the future. the rushing media reports are not only a well-deserved recognition for ruize, but also an encouragement and spur, and it is also a mission and responsibility that carries the brand.
   ruize is committed to growing into a world-renowned brand of safety revolving doors. let more buildings use safe revolving doors, so that the passage is harmless.
  as a leader in china's automatic door industry, in the future, ruize technology will continue to work towards a higher direction and strive to build a brand highland.
  believe in the power of the brand! choosing ruize means choosing safety and peace of mind!