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in order to strengthen the listing and cultivation of enterprises, under the support and guidance of the provincial department of industry and information technology and the provincial local financial supervision bureau, on september 16, 2021, the qilu equity exchange center "top100 glory star" listed companies awarded the "listing nursery plan" on september 16, 2021. jinan grandly launched.
   heads of 100 high-quality listed companies from 16 cities in the province gathered in jinan to participate in this capital event for key service science and innovation listed companies.

   shandong ruize automation technology co., ltd., as one of the hundred "glory star" enterprises, won the "most brand competitive enterprise of 2020".

   the past 2020 has been an uneasy year for everyone, and companies affected by the epidemic have been hit harder.
  under the complex environment, ruize technology takes scientific and technological innovation as its strong support and pioneering leadership, breaks through the barriers with strong r&d and manufacturing capabilities, and ushered in new development opportunities.

  technological innovation empowers and builds the core competitiveness of the brand!
since revolving door products have been put into the domestic market for more than 20 years, safety issues have always been the focus of the automatic door industry, especially the frequent accidents of people caught in the use of revolving doors, which adversely affects the promotion and application of revolving door products, and also restricts the rapid development of the industry.
   ruize technology directly hits the pain points of the industry, with safety as a breakthrough, the team has developed the technology of retracting and not clamping people in the exhibition box over 5 years.

  deepen the brand value and open up a differentiated competition track!
   different from the appearance that pursues luxury on the market, rui ze pays more attention to the safety of the revolving door.
   rui ze believes: "safety is the foundation of everything. if the revolving door cannot guarantee the personal safety of passers-by, then nothing can be said about it.
   ruize's dedication to safety stems from respect for life.
   ruize technology has improved the safety performance of products from the perspective of technological innovation, and deepened and refined the basic requirements of "safety" to create a differentiated competitive advantage.
   after 20 years of cultivating the industry, rui ze has gained too many honors. but ruize did not rest on its laurels, but kept making progress, leading the company's high-quality development with technological innovation.

   qilu equity exchange center listed enterprise, zibo gazelle enterprise, industry "golden shield award" advanced enterprise...
   was awarded the "national revolving door manufacturing demonstration base" by the automatic door branch of china construction metal structure association
   owns 1 invention, 15 utility models, 4 appearances, 4 software 凯发k8官方网站 copyrights...
   cctv cooperative brand

  because of safety, it is worthwhile.
  because of value, the brand road can go further!