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the cultivation of talents has always been the top priority of ruize technology's corporate culture.
in order to further improve the professional knowledge level of employees, adapt to the needs of business management under the new situation, and build a learning-type high-quality talent team, recently, the company has conducted a series of knowledge and skill training for the production department and warehouse personnel.
in this training, the company's business backbone served as the trainer, and explained the employees in many aspects of production technology from "production and installation problems" to "inner hat head processing technology".
problems that may occur in the production and installation process, the precautions needed in the processing technology, every detail of the connection...
during the training process, everyone started discussions based on some of the problems and solutions that they often encountered in their work, learned from each other, and made progress together.
each training is aimed at sharing work experience, checking for omissions, improving their technical capabilities, and building a highly professional team.
ruize technology-focus on the automatic door industry for 20 years. it is precisely because of continuous learning and continuous innovation that we have been at the forefront of the industry for many years.
in 2019, after years of dedicated research and development by the team, the ruize exhibition box retractable revolving door came out, which solved the "hidden danger of trapping people" in the entrance of the traditional revolving door due to its own structural design problems!
this is of great significance to the safety of the entire industry.
in the eyes of rui ze people: "safety is more than everything!"
"let more buildings use safe revolving doors, so that the passage is harmless!" is the eternal mission of ruize people.
strengthen professional skills training, improve the professional and technical level and comprehensive quality of employees, empower the growth of all employees, and then promote the development of the entire industry.
continuous learning, deep plowing forward, we are always on the road!