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shandong province building energy conservation and door, window and curtain wall expo has grand opening! the revolving door of ruize sotc exhibition box retracts without trapping people, causing concern!-凯发k8官方网站

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on september 26, shandong province building energy conservation and door, window and curtain wall expo opened grandly in qingdao!

ruize technology's sotc retractable two-wing revolving door was unveiled at this exhibition. its unique retractable exhibition box does not pinch people function has attracted many exhibitors to experience, consult, and discuss product features and application scenarios. in-depth exchanges were conducted in other aspects.

(experience the unique charm of the ruize exhibition box retracting without revolving doors)
the revolving door is a civilian pass equipment, and safety is a key factor that cannot be ignored.
"safety·product" is the core product concept of ruize enterprise. the technology of display box retractable and no-clamping technology developed by ruize technology for 5 years has once again amazed exhibitors from afar at this exhibition and won everyone's recognition, appreciation and cooperation intention.

when you reach this dangerous area, you can't catch it even if you rush to it. it's really safer and more powerful!
the revolving door is afraid that children do not follow the normal passage, and accidents are prone to occur. the property damage caused by the demolition is still a small matter. this feature is really awesome, don’t worry about your child being caught.

even if passing errors, because of its unique display box retracting function, it can’t catch people. it solves the safety problem of easy trapping of people at the entrance of the traditional revolving door.
(use a safer revolving door to make traffic worry-free)
ruize sotc exhibition box retracting technology without clamping people has obtained national patent authorization (patent number: zl20192 0240828.2) and german tuv rheinland safety certification, intelligent frequency conversion technology control exhibition box retracting mechanical structure innovative design, which solves the traditional revolving door structural safety hazards at the entrance.

the exhibition lasts for 3 days (september 26-28). in the next two days, we welcome all old and new friends to visit our booth (booth l05) for a visit.