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shandong province building energy conservation and door, window and curtain wall expo ended successfully, ruize won the "quality brand" award! -凯发k8官方网站

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focusing on the appearance fields of building doors and windows and curtain walls, building insulation and new material prefabricated buildings, and healthy houses, on september 28, the three-day shandong province building energy conservation and doors and windows curtain wall expo ended successfully in qingdao.
ruize technology performed brilliantly at this exhibition, and the “automatic revolving door that retracts the exhibition box without trapping people” was well received.
ruize exhibition box retracting technology-true. no people trapped
you can tell if you want to pinch or not. every audience who came to ruize's booth was full of praise after experiencing it firsthand. the broad market prospects have won the favor and recognition of many audiences.

safety is the most basic social need, and the word "safety" has always been engraved in the deepest part of the ruize brand.
compared with simply maintaining technological competitiveness, ruize's investment in the field of science and technology is a comprehensive practice of "safety and product", and the driving force behind this comes from the "people-oriented" brand concept.
focusing on the automatic door industry for 20 years, ruize technology "takes people as the starting point", constantly innovates and explores, and the innovative design of the exhibition box retracting technology solves the problem of easy trapping at the entrance of the revolving door, and makes the traditional prevention of trapping people the protection mode is upgraded to a protection mode that cannot catch people. even if there is a mistake, the 280mm safe space after the exhibition box is retracted will no longer cause clamping injuries to people, which greatly improves the safety factor of the revolving door.
the brand value of ruize technology was fully reflected in this exhibition, and won the 2021 "zhuding cup" shandong door, window and curtain wall industry "quality brand award".

ruize advocates: "use a revolving door, use a safer revolving door!"
ruize technology always stands at the forefront of the times, and promotes the development of the industry with original innovation!