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date:2021/10/15 10:14:10 view:
   on october 13, ruize partners from shanghai, beijing, henan, sichuan, shaanxi, liaoning and other provinces gathered in zibo to discuss future development models together.
   ruize technology invited mr. xu chaoyu, an expert in the listing counseling office of the national association of small and medium-sized commercial enterprises, for work guidance.
   teacher xu chaoyu deeply analyzed the current capital market situation, listing conditions, enterprise business model, product advantages and development plan at this exchange meeting. conducted in-depth discussions with participants, and led the conclusion of a new model of cooperation framework agreement.

   grow together and make progress together. the exchange meeting ended in a passionate discussion. through the planning, design and training of experts, everyone's belief in future development was strengthened. ruize will work with excellent partners to continuously forge ahead and use collective wisdom to achieve the planned goals.