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dream set sail to create brilliant | ruize technology september outstanding employee commendation meeting ended successfully!-凯发k8官方网站

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   after the passion of summer, the harvest of autumn is ushered in. on october 26, 2021, ruize technology "set sail for dreams and create brilliance together"-the september excellent staff recognition conference was held inside the company. all employees of ruize technology gather together to witness excellence and growth, and to seek new opportunities for future development.
awarding moment/thank you for struggling
talents are the most precious resource of an enterprise. employees who have received outstanding recognition have done extraordinary work in their ordinary positions. they have given full play to the exemplary and leading role of advanced models. their spirit of forging ahead is worthy of every one of our employees. learn!
  chairman zhou guoqing presented awards and congratulated the outstanding employees:
"an excellent team needs an excellent individual, and an excellent individual must be integrated into an excellent team. dare to learn and break through, achieve the ultimate in one's own position, and combine personal excellence with the development of the company, personal goals and company goals reach an agreement and work together to build our business."

improve quality awareness/establish a correct quality concept
   "when you encounter an enemy on the battlefield, you raise your gun first, and you are the one who fell-not without aiming, but bumping into a stink bomb!"
   "if i tell you, the roller coaster in the amusement park cannot guarantee that it will not derail-do you dare to do it?"
  quality is to an enterprise as health is to life. ruize technology has always attached importance to product quality and the construction of a quality system.
   root the quality consciousness in the heart of every employee, establish the correct quality concept, start from the subtle, start from me, and strictly control the product quality.
  corporate model transformation
  a new starting point, a new journey-forge ahead and start again!
mr. zhou guoqing, chairman and general manager of ruize technology, said at the meeting: "enterprises must break traditional thinking, be guided by user value thinking, and constantly solve user "pain points", continue to create value, improve service capabilities, and create a service a "fast" team.

  innovation, passion, focus, altruism, tolerance, win-win...
   focusing on the automatic door industry for 20 years, ruize has never forgotten its original intention, adhered to its original intention, and continuously deepened in its own field. its safety is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and has been recognized and affirmed by consumers.
ruize technology has stood at a new historical starting point. innovative development has entered a period of advancement, and the industrial structure has entered a period of transformation. in the future, enterprises will continue to innovate and make breakthroughs in technology, products, services and other fields to better meet the needs of consumption upgrades. to achieve higher quality development.