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in order to better adapt to the company’s development strategy and improve the company’s comprehensive operation and management capabilities, shandong ruize automation technology co., ltd. started a new round of organizational structure adjustments on november 16, 2021. this adjustment involves corporate management. there are three levels: center, financial management center, and production operation center.

  first of all, the new manager of the company's human resources administration center explained the company's new organizational structure and central functions for all employees.

   at the same time, a new personnel appointment notice was issued at this meeting, and guo ruixia, yuan li, and si shuxin were appointed as the heads of the financial management center, production operation center, and enterprise management center. concentrate superior resources and core talents, and optimize the organization and management system to make the company's management more high-quality and efficient.

   chairman zhou guoqing shared with everyone the company's talent strategic layout, and also analyzed the current new situation and opportunities.
  beijing, shanghai, shenyang, chengdu and other national branches have been established successively, marking the company's business development to a new level. with the rapid development of enterprises, there are higher requirements for internal management and control.

   after this adjustment, the company's organizational structure will be more agile, efficient, capable, and full of vitality. actively seek change, promote management reform, and lay the foundation for the second take-off of the enterprise. i believe that under the correct guidance of the company's leaders and the joint efforts of all colleagues, shandong ruize technology co., ltd. will be more brilliant in the future development!