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congratulate! branches in beijing, shanghai, shenyang, and xi'an were established to start a new journey together! -凯发k8官方网站

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   in october 2021, shandong ruize technology co., ltd. beijing branch was established!
   in november 2021, shanghai, shenyang, and xi'an branches were established!

   with good news in just two months, ruize technology has completed the layout of the two super first-tier cities in the "northbound" and the important central cities in the northeast and northwest regions. the development of ruize is steady and rapid.

   in order to better serve the national market, establish a more complete service system, and provide localized personal services, shandong ruize automation technology co., ltd.-beijing, shanghai, shenyang, and xi'an branches have been established successively, and the national strategic layout has been further expanded.
   huge market, vigorous growth momentum, important strategic position... the successive establishment of branch companies marks the official implementation of ruize technology's national strategic layout plan. ruize has opened a new chapter in all-round services, moving towards a higher and faster development track!
   the successful establishment and formal operation of the branch is the strategic goal of the company's development, as well as the crystallization of teamwork and collective wisdom. exploring broader development opportunities and realizing the five major service empowerments of "product service, channel service, efficient service, marketing service, and operation service" reflects the company's strategic determination to develop in multiple regions and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.
  put deep into the market and serve the whole country. in the future, the company will work together to form a joint force and establish a strong brand influence. and always adhere to the path of model innovation, management innovation and technological innovation, continue to build a support platform for business expansion and service guarantee, better integrate resources, and achieve rapid growth. provide services and support that are more efficient, more convenient, and more able to meet market needs, and bring greater value to customers.
   each branch company will also take the head office as the core and steadily expand its regional business. let more buildings use safe revolving doors, so that the passage is harmless. work hard to accelerate the realization of the corporate vision of "growth into a world-renowned safety revolving door brand".
  i wish all branches have great ambitions and jointly continue to write a new chapter in ruize's bright future!

  beijing branch
  address: 407, 4th floor, building 1, no. 1, liangshuihe road, changping district, beijing
   contact: zhu quansheng
   tel: 13366623608

  shanghai branch
  address: 7th floor, north building, huayou building, 699 zhongyi road, minhang district, shanghai
   contact: rao zhaochun
   tel: 13917376277

  shenyang branch
  address: no. 651, no. 28, xiugong east street, tiexi district, shenyang city, liaoning province
  contact: wang lu
   tel: 15942080373

  xi'an branch
  address: room 12a08, block c, daming palace central plaza, taihua north road, weiyang district, xi'an, shaanxi province
  contact: zhang fengan
   tel: 13991978667

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