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craftsmanship focus on safety | 'safety' is the soul of the development of corporate brand concept-凯发k8官方网站

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the ultimate goal of the brand is to become a representative of the category or characteristic-jack trout

   after a long period of preparation work, ruize technology has launched a new brand positioning. this comprehensively upgraded brand concept not only incorporates ruize's deep insight into the development of the industry, but also conveys ruize's future development direction to the outside world.
   under the guidance of the new brand concept, ruize simultaneously launched a new presentation form of the logo-"craftsmanship, focus on safety", demonstrating the corporate spirit of "people-oriented, innovative development, and excellence".

   the revolving door is a civilian product. in the new brand concept, "safety" has become a key word repeatedly mentioned, which is awe and respect for life.

what is security

   how many more anti-pinch sensors? add more safety warning signs? what is the root cause of the security incident?
  in ruize's view, safety is not only to prevent accidents, but more importantly, no matter what the scene, when an inevitable accident occurs, the product should not cause harm to people.
   "safety" should be a deeper concept-to truly avoid accidents from the root cause, even groups without any safety awareness (such as ignorant children) can pass without worry; even if there is a mistake in passing, it will not cause harm!

rui ze believes:

   "the safety performance of revolving door products is absolute "1", and other qualities and functions can be regarded as "0". only when there is a 1, the following 0 is valuable."
"the revolving door is used as a civilian pass device in daily use, and a large number of pedestrians pass through it every day. "safety" should be the first issue that product manufacturers need to consider. the company's brand strategy should start with respect for life, because there is only life. , there will be everything possible. this is not only the unique centripetal force of the brand, but also its distinctive core value."

  as a leader in the safety revolving automatic door industry,ruize technology has developed a two-wing door that retracts and does not trap people in the exhibition box that has been developed for five years.it has solved the problem of injury at the entrance and exit of the revolving door from the root of the structure,and has been favored by the market.the security technology of four-wing doors retracting without trapping people has also been successfully developed and is expected to be officially launched in february 2022.the security problems that plague the industry have been overcome by ruize technology in one fell swoop.
  in view of the outstanding contribution that ruize technology has made in improving public access safety,media at all levels from cctv to the local area have conducted exclusive interviews and reports on ruize revolving doors.media reports made ruize's brand image more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people."buy doors and buy security,and choose ruize safely",forming a high-potential energy transmission.

cctv cctv "rising china"-all for safety


cctv cctv "the rise of china"
the host shui junyi conducts an exclusive interview with chairman zhou guoqing

shandong news network——always put scientific and technological innovation and independent research and development in the first place to build the core competitiveness of products

shandong news network

zibo news network-actively develop a new track, take safety as a product breakthrough, and stand out in the market competition

zibo news

  in the new era, ruize will adhere to the brand concept of "people-oriented, craftsmanship, focus on safety", and continue to develop and innovate to provide consumers with a safer entrance and exit pass plan provides a safer and more reliable pass environment for the public, always guards the safety of passers-by, and is committed to growing into the world's leading national brand of safe revolving doors!

 it's worth because of safety!

use a revolving door, use a safe revolving door!

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