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the first domestic "revolving door" standard is published!
shandong ruize technology co., ltd. is one of the editing units!

  only when a complete industry standard system is established, can product quality be effectively guaranteed and thus promote the sound development of the entire industry.

   recently, the group standard t/ccmsa10719-2021 "revolving door" of china construction metal structure association was published and issued by china construction industry press. this standard provides technical basis for product design, production, installation, testing and certification!

the group standard t/ccmsa 10719-2021 "revolving door" is published and issued

   this document specifies the classification, specifications and markings, materials and accessories, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging, marking, maintenance, transportation and storage of revolving doors. suitable for revolving doors for people to pass through in public buildings.

   ruize technology is the main drafting unit
   zhou guoqing, chairman and general manager, yuan li, director of production operation center.

   the group standard t/ccmsa 10719-2021 "revolving door" regulates the access and management of the industry, promotes the standardization of the market, leads the market with standards, and further strengthens the level of industry standardization.
  as the main drafting unit, ruize technology is proud of its contribution to the publication and distribution of group standards, which also fully demonstrates the influence of ruize in the industry.
   deeply cultivated in the revolving door industry for 20 years, ruize, as the backbone of china’s revolving door industry, has continuously contributed its own strength to promote the standardization and improvement of the industry.
   adhere to the standard, exceed the standard, and take technological innovation as the cornerstone of development. the two-wing door display box retractable technology developed by the ruize team has overcome the industry problem of injury caused by pedestrian mispass. this technology has made a significant contribution to the security protection of revolving door entrances and exits, and has promoted the progress of the industry.
  in the future, ruize will continue to help the construction and improvement of the industry standardization system, and work with industry colleagues to promote the high-quality development of the industry with its own strength.