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   build a communication platform for employees to promote the harmonious and healthy development of the enterprise. on december 22, the professional development communication meeting of ruize employees was held as scheduled. all the members of the company gathered together to exchange ideas, collide with sparks, and promote the high-quality development of the company.
   this meeting was presided over by the new director of the corporate human resources administration center. the general manager of the company communicated with everyone on "how employees can develop better in the enterprise".
  employee development direction, promotion channels, job rating standards, assessment rules...each measure is aimed at stimulating the vitality of talents and providing a platform for employees to show their self-worth.
ruize provides employees with a broad career development space. while helping employees gain richer professional experience and business capabilities, the company also fully mobilizes their own curiosity and learning ability, and outputs more new ideas and capabilities for the company. creativity provides an endless stream of motivation for personal growth and corporate growth.

   develop the fertile ground for the growth of ruize talents, focus on self-improvement, strive to improve professional skills and personal value, and provide better services to the market. this communication will enable everyone to have a clearer understanding and plan for future development, combine personal growth and value pursuit with the corporate philosophy and vision, and promote the common development of individuals and the company.