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the beauty of entrance
form follow function
give architectural beauty under the premise of satisfying function

add a magic touch to the entrance of the building

   china national academy of mechanical sciences group co., ltd., referred to as "china national academy of machinery", was established in 1956. it is a large-scale central scientific and technological enterprise group for scientific research under the direct supervision of the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council. it has the dual attributes and distinctive characteristics of modern scientific research institutes and modern manufacturing service enterprises.

the picture comes from the official website of china academy of mechanical sciences

  the general institute of machinery has provided a number of high-quality products, technologies and services for the national scientific and technological progress, the implementation of major projects, the localization of key technical equipment and the transformation and upgrading of enterprise technology. it has become an important cornerstone supporting the development of china's equipment manufacturing industry and an important part of my country's innovation system.
   china academy of mechanical sciences is located at no. 2, shouti south road, haidian district, beijing, with a good geographical location and convenient transportation. the eye-catching rectangular building, alternating orange and dark smoky gray, with straight lines and sharp edges and corners, has a very strong visual impact.

  the gate area revolving door project of china national academy of machinery science and technology was designed and installed by ruize, creating an advanced solution for the gate area passage and helping the entrance and exit security.
  as a leader in the machinery industry, the china academy of mechanical sciences has extremely high requirements for "safety". rigorous and scientific, pragmatic and innovative, and meticulous...these keywords coincide with ruize's sotc philosophy.
   for the gate area project of the china academy of mechanical sciences, rui ze provided it with the sotc retractable two-wing automatic revolving door without trapping people.
  the rectangular building with sharp edges and corners, with revolving doors that coexist with change and interest, is serious and lively. in addition to ruize sotc’s technology of retracting the display box without pinching people, on the basis of traditional preventive safety protection, it has the protection function of "error-safety", even if pedestrians make mistakes, they will not cause pinch. in order to sustain damage, the safety factor of the revolving door is greatly improved, making the building more colorful and rich in content.

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