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witness to strength and win another honor!

  shandong ruize automation technology co., ltd. successfully passed the audit and obtained the double first-class qualification for the manufacture and installation of automatic door products issued by the china construction metal structure association!

qualification upgrade, strength demonstrated

the first-level qualification is an important indicator to measure the overall strength of an enterprise. it has strict application conditions and audit regulations. it has strict requirements on the enterprise’s personnel quality, operating ability, management level, project performance, construction quality, and project quality. the highest level of industry qualification standards for automatic doors and electric doors.
   the acquisition of the dual first-level qualifications fully demonstrates ruize's comprehensive strength and is of great significance for improving market competitiveness.
  shandong ruize technology co., ltd. was established in 2002. for many years, ruize has been developing steadily on the road of technological innovation and the pursuit of excellence.
   adhere to the path of standardized management and sustainable development. people-oriented, continuous innovation, continuous reform, perfect management, and continuous improvement of the level of business management, achieved good operating and social benefits, and created a continuous competitive advantage for the company. the overall strength of the company continues to increase, showing a broad market development space and bright prospects.
   through years of market development and development, ruize technology has accumulated rich experience in the field of automatic doors and achieved remarkable results.
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   this series of qualifications and honors are all witnesses of ruize's strength!
   keeping the craftsmanship in the heart, diligently in the line, 20 years of painstaking accumulation, rui ze is developing and growing step by step. the acquisition of double-one qualifications for the manufacture and installation of automatic door products is not only affirmation and recognition, but also an incentive and spur. in the future, we will continue to research and innovate, deepen services, extend brand influence, and promote the company to achieve greater development!