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2022 beijing winter olympics
countdown has entered
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behind this ice and snow event

with our ruize power

the footsteps of the 2022 beijing winter olympics are gradually approaching, and this ice and snow event will make us look forward to it. to carry forward the olympic spirit and feel the charm of the winter olympics, athletes from all over the world are ready to go to the event.
ruize technology has become a supplier of automatic doors for the winter olympics with its excellent strength, and escorts the safety of the entrance and exit of the winter olympics with professional services!

the beijing competition area, yanqing competition area, zhangjiakou competition area... one project after another announced the completion, and the wonderful winter olympics event is about to open.
as a supporting facility for the 2022 winter olympics, the unregistered vip reception center for the winter olympics located in the core area of zhangjiakou economic development zone in hebei province is the largest foreign-related reception center for the beijing winter olympics in zhangjiakou city. covering an area of 80 acres, with a total construction area of 190,000 square meters, it integrates functions such as guest rooms, banquet meetings, catering, recreation and fitness.
during the competition, it will fully serve the non-registered vip personnel of the beijing 2022 winter olympics and become a benchmark reception center in the zhangjiakou competition area. the competitiveness of the industry has become a new landmark of the city.

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ruize technology has created a perfect solution for the entrance and exit, comprehensively considering the design style of the gate area, and fully considering the design requirements and application scenarios, using automatic induction swing doors, serving the winter olympics with ingenuity, and ensuring the safety and convenience of entrances and exits!
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cctv, shandong news network, zibo news network reported one after another...
because of professionalism, so choose! as a leader in the safety revolving automatic door industry, ruize technology can participate in the winter olympics, which is both an honor and recognition.

as the 2022 beijing winter olympics and winter paralympics are about to kick off, ruize technology, as one of the solution providers in the field of automatic doors, with its excellent brand influence, technological innovation strength, and after-sales service quality, once again welcomes come to the milestone moment.
to help the winter olympics, i believe in the power of brands!