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project background

the zibo entrepreneurship and innovation valley project, located in zhangdian district, zibo city, shandong province, is one of the major projects for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy in zibo city in 2019. the project is an important part of the "two cities and one valley" urban development strategy of the zibo municipal party committee and municipal government. it is the first entrepreneurial innovation park in zibo new city that integrates industrial incubation, commercial office, and technology research and development.

two cities and one valley?

university city, science city, entrepreneurship and innovation valley!

the project is located in the south of lientong road, north of huaguang road, west of shanghai road, and on both sides of tianjin road. the project revolves around the open central park. the open urban park green space adds urban vitality to the entire park. the southeast and west sides of the park are multi-storey garden-style office buildings. small and medium-sized enterprises provide a variety of office space.

the revolving door area at the main entrance of zibo entrepreneurship and innovation valley is designed and installed by shandong ruize to help the security of the entrance and exit. ruize comprehensively considered the overall design style of the building. after full communication with the other party, the two parties reached an agreement and established the goal of joint construction:
this is an entrepreneurship and innovation park integrating industrial incubation, commercial office, and technology research and development, and a gathering place for talents and elites. as the entrance and exit of the building, the staff must pass through every day, safety is the most basic requirement. people-oriented, safety first, and product safety first.
the gate area is integrated with the building as a whole, high-end, concise and atmospheric, highlighting the characteristics of the building.
through integrated consideration, complete the high-quality presentation of internal and external integration!
based on the above requirements, the main entrance revolving door area adopts the ruize sotc exhibition box retractable two-wing automatic revolving door.

the design of the two-wing revolving door highlights the calm atmosphere of the exit area. the circular structure at the top of the building complements the rounded shape and transparent texture of the revolving door, bathed in natural light, adding brilliance to the overall building.

on the basis of the advantages of traditional revolving doors such as energy saving, beautiful appearance and environmental protection, ruize sotc's unique function of retracting the exhibition box without trapping people is upgraded from the traditional protection mode of preventing people from being trapped to "mistake-safety" "protection mode, which solves the hidden danger of people being easily caught at the entrance of the traditional revolving door, and greatly improves the safety of the revolving door.
the high-end and atmospheric appearance is integrated with the building, and it combines product functionality and aesthetics, which is perfect!

"fail-safe" function

two-wing doors equipped with this safety system have a "fail-safe" function. it completely solves the hidden safety hazard caused by rushing through the entrance of the revolving door. the exhibition box retraction anti-pinch system, when encountering danger, the exhibition box automatically retracts, and through the principle of safety avoidance, a safety gap is generated, which expands the distance between the exhibition box and the column, and will not cause clamping damage to people, ensuring that passage safety of pedestrians in the main danger zone at the entrance and exit.

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