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as night falls, the lights are on
sheraton hotel lights up
lights shine on the revolving door
colorful and crystal clear
both high-end and stylish

go through the door, remove the dust, and feel at ease

(the picture comes from the internet)

revolving doors are very common in large hotels, guesthouses, and clubs, and are often used in the design of high-end hotels such as star, boutique, and vacation.
no one stipulates that the hotel must use a revolving door, but it is completely

cannot refuse

the gorgeous appearance can better highlight the identity and grade of the hotel;
sound insulation, dustproof, anti-noise, good air tightness;
it can enter and exit at the same time, control the flow of people, and make entry and exit orderly;
excellent thermal insulation effect, separating indoor and outdoor air, reducing the waste of indoor air conditioning energy; 
safe and convenient, saves the need for pedestrians to open and close the door;

sheraton chengdu 5 star international hotel
a new model of high-end hotels in pidu district

sheraton is one of the most global five-star hotel brands under marriott international group. it was introduced by hengbang tianfu group. key supporting projects in the functional area. the hotel is built against jingrong lake, the new landmark of the park city. the qingshui river ecological art park is within easy reach, and the siguniang mountain is across the lake. the transportation is convenient and the geographical position is unique.

as the first sheraton hotel of marriott international group to enter chengdu after the brand renewal, it is also a rookie of tianfuxi international luxury five-star hotel. the hotel works, designed by a world-class design team, won the 2021 16th chinese and foreign hotel platinum award (the most popular hotel to open).

spacious and comfortable high-quality lake-view rooms, equipped with lake-facing infinity swimming pool, panoramic gymnasium, lakeside all-day dining restaurant and international conference hall and other functional spaces, have also become the core facilities and one of the landmark buildings in jingrong lake science and technology innovation zone.

(the picture comes from the internet)

the revolving door area at the entrance of sheraton hotel was designed and installed by ruize to create a perfect entrance and exit solution.

the two-wing automatic revolving door has the functions of traditional revolving door and sliding door at the same time, so that the working mode of the revolving door has a dual choice. open the sliding doors in the two-wing revolving door during the time when people are concentrated or when large goods pass through, so as to easily maximize the flow of people.

the "fish tank" design of the upper and lower layers of the revolving door is novel and unique, and it is perfectly integrated with the hotel style. the simple lines, coupled with the transparency and agility of the glass, increase the overall permeability, and are intertwined with the lights sprinkled from the canopy above, forming bizarre reflections, refractions, and shining, adding artistic beauty to the space. play the finishing touch.

pass through the revolving door of the hotel and come to the hotel lobby to feel the modern and luxurious atmosphere. the good density effectively ensures the isolation of the interior and exterior environments of the building, greatly reduces the impact of the outdoor environment on the interior, and creates a more comfortable space.

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