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towards the future together | the 2022 ruize technology branch market seminar ended successfully! -凯发k8官方网站

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"whatever you do with your strength is invincible; what you do with all wisdom is invincible." on february 18, 2022, the market seminar of ruize technology branch was held as scheduled at ruize's headquarters. the seminar conducted in-depth discussions and strategic deployments on the future market development based on the specific conditions of each region.

the heads of each branch shared and discussed the current market situation and the current operation of the branch, discussed issues such as how to achieve win-win cooperation and develop business extension, put forward relevant opinions and suggestions, and coordinated the promotion of 2022 market development.
chairman zhou guoqing shared the company's future development direction and ideas at this meeting, and pointed out: "we must fully understand and correctly analyze the current opportunities and challenges. recognize the situation, strengthen our beliefs, strengthen win-win thinking, and determine market goals. give full play to our internal advantages, improve the linkage ability of the service market, pay attention to the improvement of customer experience, measure quality with quantity, win with quantity, and achieve high-quality development with product differentiation."

branch sales policies, branch financial management, product series explanations, annual awards for outstanding branches... through this seminar and exchange, various norms have been clarified, and the foundation of mutual benefit and win-win has been consolidated. the company's business development work has laid a solid foundation.
under the current complicated market situation, working together for mutual benefit and win-win is the only correct choice! a win-win situation is the only way to achieve stability and long-term success. join hands to share a common destiny, promote development together, share resources, share information, and finally achieve a win-win situation, outperform the market, and outperform the future!