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full of energy, all the way forward, we start work~

the year-old sequence is updated, huazhang is revived, the charge horn is blown again, and the expedition drum is beaten again!
start the war at the beginning, and return to your position in time, so that employees can quickly devote themselves to work with full enthusiasm, make a good plan for the new year's work, start a good start, and start a good step, and fire the first shot of the tiger's year of the tiger. the science and technology annual mobilization meeting was held as scheduled on the eighth day of the first lunar month.

auspicious start of construction in 2022

the law is returning to spring, and vientiane has begun to update. the new year has officially set sail, and the ruize team has embarked on the journey again!

chairman zhou guoqing's new year's mobilization speech

focus on goals, firm beliefs, seek common ground while reserving differences, and dare to challenge difficulties
mr. zhou pointed out: "in the new year, all staff must focus on their goals, strengthen their beliefs, exert precise efforts, continue to exert their strengths, continue to learn and make breakthroughs, improve their levels, and make every effort to achieve the beginning and lead."
practice user value thinking and provide better service
mr. zhou emphasized at the meeting:
in the era of product homogeneity, only different brand values can bring unique advantages. as a civilian product, the safety of automatic doors is always the first. people come in and out every day, and people are transported every day. without safety, everything is 0.
"safety-quality" is the core concept of our products. as a ruize person, we must deeply understand the brand concept with "safety" as the core. from product design, procurement, installation... we must take safety as our obsession in all aspects, and engrave safety into our dna.
consolidate products and services, continue to focus on customer-centric product design and service construction, and continuously improve product and service capabilities. think about problems from the perspective of users' interests, take value marketing as the guide, practice user value thinking, continuously deepen the understanding of the pain points of the industry, solve practical problems, provide products that truly meet the needs of users, and provide services that customers agree with. "

a new starting point, a new journey. this is a mobilization meeting to accumulate strength and make progress. buy door to buy safety, choose ruize safely. adhere to the mission, not forget the original intention, gather strength, and achieve a win-win situation. in the year of the tiger, let us turn to a new page together, be full of strength, go all out, actively seek changes, continue to explore, and create a new future together!

a new journey sounds a new horn
the road is long, but the journey is coming
difficulty, but it must be done