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the plan of the year lies in the spring, and it is time to work hard and forge ahead!

on march 1, 2022, the january outstanding employee commendation meeting of ruize technology was held in the training room of the headquarters as scheduled. to commend the advanced, give full play to the power of example, and stimulate the enthusiasm of all employees, this commendation meeting commended 4 outstanding employees from finance, technology research and development, market back office, and logistics support.

awards moment
taking the general manager as the core, with firm belief, keeping up with the work arrangement of the superior leaders, closely focusing on the requirements of the enterprise in actual work, inheriting and exploring, and driving the growth of the team.
work diligently, unite and cooperate, actively do their own work, and take the initiative to take responsibility. firm-minded, goal- and result-oriented, and individual struggle!

the sincere award speeches represent the company's recognition and appreciation for outstanding employees.
the development of the enterprise is inseparable from the efforts of every ruize person. zhang mingjun, the deputy general manager of the company, issued monthly honorary certificates and bonuses to outstanding colleagues to encourage them. and heartfelt congratulations to the outstanding winners in january 2022.
it is an honor and an encouragement to give full play to the leading and exemplary role of role models, and to inspire and spur all ruize people to forge ahead towards higher goals in 2022.

leader speaking

mr. zhang said: "over the years, ruize has made great strides in the industry, and the "domestic first, industry-leading" retractable revolving door that does not clamp people is a unique advantage in the market. good products are the foundation of everything. everyone must strengthen their beliefs, work together, unify their thoughts, resolutely work around the core concept of chairman zhou guoqing, and go all out in their respective positions to maximize their performance. work hard to achieve dazzling results and future! "
"at the same time, i also hope that all employees should establish a "alignment awareness", take outstanding employees as an example, carry forward the work spirit of devotion, dedication and dedication, unite and cooperate sincerely, and work together to make their own contributions to the development of the company. "

live up to the spring, and set sail with a dream. holding up new hopes and carrying new dreams, let us work together to create great achievements with full passion, pragmatic work, and full of confidence!