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no winter is insurmountable
there is not a spring that will not come

going through nucleic acid tests again and again, living at home every day
we finally won the double victory of epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production
let's welcome the arrival of "spring blossoms" together!

ruize technology actively responded to the government's call, and in strict accordance with the government's orderly resumption of work and production and epidemic prevention and control work requirements, intensively carried out prevention, control and disinfection of office areas, factories and other areas. through pre-job reporting, all departments of the company strictly review the daily health status of employees, nucleic acid testing, closed management and other measures, and do a solid job in epidemic control to ensure that epidemic prevention and control are under control after returning to work.
on march 23, 2022, the company fully resumed work. the mobilization meeting was held in the conference room of ruize headquarters.

chairman zhou guoqing first emphasized the importance of epidemic prevention at the conference. fully implement "epidemic prevention and production" and "two-handed approach" to ensure that all measures for enterprise epidemic prevention and control are in place.

mr. zhou said: "in the current epidemic situation, we must continue to attach great importance to it, strengthen the awareness of prevention, and always maintain a high degree of vigilance."
"collective efforts have brought victory in the fight against the epidemic. we must cherish this hard-won opportunity. in the future work, we must have a consistent position, firm belief, follow orders in all actions, and share the same desire and goal. efforts to build competitiveness and realize value conversion, so as to gain customer recognition and achieve our goals."
in the following work adjustment, mr. zhou pointed out: "on the premise that the team's decision-making direction is correct, it is very important to do a good job in team building. all departments should strengthen communication and cooperation, refine tasks, deploy in detail, and speed up the pace. go forward and win 2022!"
zhang mingjun, deputy general manager of the company, said in this meeting: "in the future work, we must strengthen team building and improve internal management efficiency. collision mechanism, formation mechanism, implementation, and strict supervision. refinement to no dead ends, so that there is no place for responsibility. escape. make every effort to improve the cohesion, centripetal force and combat effectiveness of the team, so that every employee can be integrated into the team, maximize the strength of the team, and create a real wolf-like team.”

focused on mr. zhou's business philosophy
the same position, the same desire from top to bottom
work together to win the future