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with the continuous dynamic clearing of the local epidemic
ruize technology actively responds to the government's call

start to resume normal production in an orderly manner

on march 24, 2022, meng hua, secretary of the party working committee of sibaoshan street, director cai hongming, member of the party committee of sibaoshan office, and ba wei, deputy director of the safety and environmental protection office, visited shandong ruize technology co., ltd. to care for the company during the epidemic prevention and control period the situation of resumption of work, production, and production safety was carried out, and the company had cared and exchanged about the current business difficulties of the company, encouraged the company to overcome difficulties, implemented the epidemic prevention and control and production and operation work, and sent epidemic prevention materials to the company.

the leaders of the sibaoshan sub-district office inquired in detail about the current epidemic prevention, production and sales of the company, and highly praised ruize's charitable act of donating materials for free during the epidemic.

chairman zhou guoqing gave a detailed introduction to the company's current epidemic prevention and control measures. he also said that during the critical period of resumption of work, relevant steps for epidemic prevention must be implemented in place. on the premise of implementing various measures to prevent and control the epidemic, ensure the normal progress of production and resumption of work.

all personnel accept infrared body temperature measurement, and can enter the factory only after scanning the code to register.
increase the frequency of daily disinfection in dense places in the factory area, guide employees to consciously abide by epidemic prevention and control measures, scientifically wear masks, wash hands frequently, ventilate frequently, have one-meter noodles, and do not gather to ensure the construction of prisons security barrier.

to truly achieve both epidemic prevention and control and production development, both are correct.

▲visit the showroom

▲showcase retraction function display

▲go into the workshop to see our company's epidemic prevention and control measures and production and operation status

in the face of the current epidemic test, ruize technology actively responded to the government's call, made every effort to prevent and control the epidemic, and implemented various prevention and control measures to ensure a safe and orderly resumption of production. resolutely win the battle of epidemic prevention and control, and earnestly shoulder the social responsibility of an enterprise!

take the business philosophy of the enterprise as the core
consistent stand and firm belief
work together to win the future