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olympic sports is the gate of a city to the world
every olympic sport has brought earth-shaking changes to the city where it is located
become a proud symbol of a city
lanzhou olympic sports center at night
brilliant and dazzling
the "roses" of the main stadium are blooming gorgeously
blooming on the banks of the yellow river
stunned the night sky of lanzhou
under the bright lights of the olympic sports center
the crystal clear revolving door is like a diamond
inlaid on the building

colorful and shining

lanzhou olympic sports center

the olympic sports center is a modern, multi-functional and comprehensive large-scale public sports center, including the main stadium, gymnasium, swimming pool, shooting gallery, comprehensive training hall and other functional venues. the completion of the olympic sports center will undoubtedly drive the upgrading of the region and the city as a whole.

as the main venue of the 15th gansu games, lanzhou olympic sports center is located in qilihe district, lanzhou city, gansu province, with a total construction area of about 460,000 square meters. unique new landmark.
the design of lanzhou olympic sports center is based on the concept of "flying flower dance". the building and its landscape are like flowers dancing on the silk road, with ups and downs and scattered patterns.

rize technology designed and installed the entrance and exit gate area for lanzhou olympic sports center, which perfectly integrates with buildings and natural scenes, and naturally fits with the spirit of the olympic sports center, creating an entrance and exit solution with high-end quality and good experience .
as a key municipal project in lanzhou and a crowded public place, the "safety" of the gate area is the first consideration. under the premise of achieving high security, the external beauty is emphasized.

rize sotc exhibition box retracts without clipping the two-wing automatic revolving door - the most correct way to open the lanzhou olympic sports center

appearance, function, safety...everything is "outstanding"

energy saving, environmental protection, sound insulation, dustproof... always closed, always open, can well maintain a constant temperature in the building and create a comfortable and comfortable environment;

with the same entry and exit, it provides a relatively spacious passage space for pedestrians and meets the needs of customers for an open facade;
contactless passage, reducing the direct contact rate between people and doors, efficient and safe, is of great significance during the epidemic prevention and control period;
two-wing automatic revolving door - the top product among revolving doors, it has both traditional revolving door and sliding door access functions, so that the working mode of revolving door has a dual choice;
the ultimate in safety - sotc exhibition box retracts without trapping people in the revolving door. based on the traditional preventive safety protection, the safety upgrade has been carried out, and it has the "error-safety" protection function, even in the case of wrong passage. if you are accidentally caught under the revolving door, the innovative structure of the revolving door itself can also be easily pushed open, resulting in a 280mm safety avoidance gap, which can completely accommodate one person without causing any more clamping damage. (especially children and seniors) quite friendly.

ruize believes: "the preciousness of life lies in the fact that it cannot be repeated. even if there is a one-thousandth or one-ten thousandth accident probability, we can't get away with it".

focus on safety, but not only "safety"

buy door to buy safety | safety choose ruize

ruize sotc revolving door - a national brand in the security technology industry that does not clip people at the entrance and exit!
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