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the chairman's birthday party came to a successful conclusion|thank you for following along!-凯发k8官方网站

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time flies, time is silent
years witness growth, time engraves happiness
the birth of life gives "birthday" a special meaning

promote the construction of corporate culture
motivate work enthusiasm and enhance a sense of belonging

our great parents
chairman zhou guoqing
it's his birthday

on special days, ruize people sincerely wish mr. zhou
happy birthday!
carefully arranged
cozy atmosphere
everyone present expressed sincere wishes to mr. zhou

strict teacher produces master apprentice
mr. zhou is our leader
also our teacher

we work under the leadership of mr. zhou
growing at work
unconsciously has quietly changed

life needs a sense of ritual
simple and warm birthday party
it is our most sincere gratitude to all parents
on special days, ruize people sincerely say
you have worked hard!

20 years of the road and blue thread
forging ahead in the wind and rain

mr. zhou leads the team all the way forward
grasp market pain points
taking "safety and quality" as the core concept of the company's products
adhere to independent innovation, people-oriented
the research and development of "no trapping" safety technology
solve the hidden danger of "entrance trapping people" existing in the revolving door due to its own structural design for hundreds of years

this is the progress of the industry
it is also a stretch of personal feelings

he always thinks
"you only have one life, you can't have any luck
even if it's only a 1 in 10,000 chance
make sure you are safe.”

there is no way in the world
there is always a week for us to clear the way
we can walk out of the road
follow the weekly work
we are proud!

business growth
it embodies the ideal, passion and sweat of the chairman
day and night, rain or shine
overcome all obstacles and move forward bravely

thank you for the platform created by mr. zhou
let ruize people have fertile ground for growth

from a person
to a group of people
doing the same thing
for the same goal
continue to grow and develop

committed to growing into a world-renowned brand of security revolving doors
let more buildings use secure revolving doors, allowing passage without harm

"don't forget the original intention, you can always be"
this is a sentence that mr. zhou often says
belief is your belief
it is also the brand vision and mission of ruize
ruize people keep in mind

sailing on the sea depends on the helmsman
i believe as long as you follow with firm belief
it will definitely be able to ride the wind and waves and travel steadily and far!