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example is a strength and shows progress;
a role model is a banner that inspires fighting spirit;
a role model is a beacon, pointing the way;

examples are empowering!

to commend advanced employees and give full play to their exemplary and leading role, the recognition conference for outstanding employees of ruize technology will be held as scheduled on the afternoon of april 12, 2022.

march is a very special month for ruiz. the whole city is under lockdown and it is difficult to move forward, and the sudden outbreak of the epidemic has caught everyone by surprise. "difficulties and hardships, yuru yucheng", we saw that many ruize people were brave enough to take responsibility during the most severe period of the epidemic in march. this kind of dedication and dedication is worth learning from all employees.

the development of the enterprise is inseparable from the efforts and efforts of every partner. they have played an exemplary role for other employees with their practical actions and conveyed a lot of positive energy!
zhang mingjun, deputy general manager, presented honorary certificates and bonuses to outstanding employees for encouragement and expressed heartfelt congratulations.

mr. zhang said: "recognition and reward, encourage the backward, i hope that as the company continues to grow and develop, more outstanding employees will emerge, truly integrate into the company, and work hard to move forward around the goal. in march, the outbreak of the epidemic repeatedly, it has swept the entire land of zibo, but under the correct leadership of president zhou and the control of foresight, it still develops in an orderly manner. in the next work, we must work closely around the core, one idea, one result, and strive to improve overall service capability."

the harder you work, the luckier you will be, learn from the power of example, forge ahead, and forge ahead!