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an extraordinary 2022
an extraordinary day
the difficulty of the epidemic
unstoppable progress
a long way to zi to sign a contract
one contract, one trust

open a new chapter of development together

on april 27, hangzhou jiuyue building materials co., ltd. and shandong ruize automation technology co., ltd. held the [zhejiang general agent signing. authorization ceremony] at ruize headquarters. zhou guoqing, chairman of shandong ruize automation technology co., ltd., hangzhou ruize chairman huang jianhang of jiuyue building materials co., ltd. attended the signing ceremony.
based on the principle of "mutually beneficial cooperation and common development", we will establish a long-term and stable strategic partnership, and the two parties will reach a strategic agreement.

hangzhou jiuyue building materials co., ltd. officially signed a contract to become the general agent of zhejiang province!

the two sides are full of confidence and expectations for the upcoming strategic cooperation, and have had lively exchanges on the later cooperation matters, and have established a long-term communication mechanism at the same time.

hangzhou jiuyue building materials co., ltd. is mainly responsible for the marketing and sales network construction in zhejiang region, and is committed to the implementation of the brand plan and sales plan of ruize sotc revolving door in zhejiang province.

this signing has injected new impetus into the development of both parties. mr. huang of hangzhou jiuyue building materials co., ltd. said: "we are full of confidence in the competitiveness of ruize's products in the market, and we are fortunate to be the general agent of ruize in zhejiang province. ze's good products, share with more friends, and climb the peak of wealth together!"
focusing on the automatic door industry for 20 years, ruize's influence in the industry is self-evident. the continuous evolution of the times has given ruize a higher mission. in the face of the severe homogenization of the market in recent years, ruize actively develops new tracks, adheres to the development concept of "people-oriented, technological innovation", and takes "safety" as the product breakthrough. the exhibition box retraction technology developed over 5 years without trapping people solves the hidden danger of trapping people in the main dangerous area at the entrance of the traditional revolving door, allowing enterprises to compete in the market it stands out from the competition, and also attracts many high-quality customers to visit and cooperate.
products and channels are developing simultaneously. it is foreseeable that this cooperation will bring greater commercial value output to both parties.

ruize advocates: use revolving doors and use safer revolving doors

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ruize sotc revolving door - a leading national brand in the security technology industry that does not clip people at the entrance and exit!

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