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activating thoughts and improving cognition | the mobilization meeting for all employees of ruize technology ended successfully!-凯发k8官方网站

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this year, due to the repeated impact of the epidemic, the entire industry is facing huge challenges. but even in such a harsh environment, compared with the same period last year, the turnover data of signed and pre-signed orders has surpassed that of last year, and the company has shown a momentum of growth against the trend. laying the foundation, a powerful manifestation of innovation-driven development.

under the epidemic, opportunities and challenges coexist. crisis contains new vitality. we must keep pace with the times, strengthen our belief, actively explore development opportunities under the new social ecology, and promote the steady and rapid development of enterprises with a development perspective.

—— chairman zhou guoqing


with the foundation and direction, how to efficiently promote the work and maximize the value of employees and teams, on may 2, chairman zhou guoqing of ruize technology gave a vivid lesson to everyone.

keyword 1: attract
we must deeply realize that the customers and users of the enterprise are always attracted. how can we gain insight into and grasp the needs and pain points of customers and users, make products that they really need, and strive to make our users inseparable from our products and services. the core purpose of every ruize person's work is to enhance the attractiveness of the platform. under the same goal and unified command, everyone can give full play to their abilities on the platform and be the most valuable self.

keyword 2: efficiency
of all the models in the world, only "fast" can't be broken. to improve the standardized operation process of the enterprise, we must work hard every day, do work in strict accordance with the process, squeeze out the moisture in the work, and improve work efficiency. take the platform's strategic goals as its own responsibility and give full play to its capabilities. every employee must continuously improve their creativity and application ability, know how to activate resources, mobilize the resources of the enterprise and all aspects, and build an efficient executive team.

keyword 3: value
the extent to which an enterprise can develop depends on the extent to which customers need it and how much value an enterprise can create for customers. create customer value, emphasize customer value, let technology applications give full play to their value, return all innovation needs to customer needs, and continue to create long-term value for customers to achieve customers. sustainable development.

corporate culture is the soul of an enterprise and an inexhaustible driving force for the development of an enterprise;

the process is the norm for the enterprise to do things, and the steps of doing things are the "methodology" of enterprise management;

why implement workflow? why study corporate culture?

reduce unnecessary losses, prevent wasting of time, complete work efficiently, and inject spiritual power into the high-quality development of the enterprise... mr. zhou made an in-depth exposition on these two aspects at the meeting.

this is a mobilization meeting to activate the mind and improve cognition. change the thinking mode, upgrade the cognition, and apply it to the action. with firm belief, high fighting spirit, and pragmatic style, unite as one, share the same desires from top to bottom, and integrate the creation and realization of value into the high-quality development of the enterprise. the business will get better and better!