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witness the excellence and follow the example | ruize technology's april outstanding employee commendation conference ended successfully!-凯发k8官方网站

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years do not live, god rewards hard work. there are such a group of people who work hard and accumulate little by little gains. they are conscientious and conscientious, and they always prove everything with their actions.

the role model is a banner and the direction of our efforts. taking the role model as a mirror, we can see the good and think together and pass on more positive energy! carry forward the advanced and follow the example. on the afternoon of may 10, 2022, the april outstanding staff commendation conference of ruize technology came as scheduled!

reviewing the work of the past month, summarizing experience, motivating the advanced, spurring the backward, and encouraging more employees to be proactive and make continuous progress on the ruize platform.

behind the honor is down-to-earth dedication. excellent employees delivered their acceptance speeches at the meeting: “this honor is not only an incentive, but also a spur. we will turn this honor into greater motivation and responsibility. forget the original intention, move forward firmly, and be more diligent in the next work to live up to the growth platform given by the company.”

in this commendation meeting, zhang mingjun, deputy general manager of ruize technology, issued honorary certificates and incentive bonuses to the winning employees. and made a concluding speech, mr. zhang said: "along the way, every ruize people is full of fighting spirit. since march, in the face of the sudden epidemic, we have faced difficulties and faced heavy pressure. with the joint efforts of the company, it has achieved growth against the trend. this is the accumulation of the company for 20 years, and it is also the result of everyone's efforts. we must move towards the goal and closely surround the core idea of general manager zhou, strengthen our beliefs, and focus our efforts. focus products, focus on service, only by forming a strong team cohesion and collaboration ability, our team can burst out infinite strength, i hope everyone will make persistent efforts, meet greater challenges with firm determination and courage, and work together with the company to fight together, create greater value for customers!"

talent is the most valuable resource of an enterprise. every employee who has won outstanding awards has made extraordinary achievements in ordinary jobs. they have handed over a satisfactory answer sheet with practical actions, which is worthy of each of us. ze people learn!