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the day of mengxia 

ruize layout  a new chapter

warm congratulations on the establishment of ruize technology zhejiang branch!

a beautiful season breeds new hope; a common goal inspires the power to forge ahead.
the establishment of the zhejiang branch is a major move for ruize to carry out its marketing strategy in east china. ruize's nationwide sales network continues to expand, and the zhejiang branch will be an important stop for ruize's multi-regional development.
after the establishment of the zhejiang branch, it will further integrate resources, improve the service system, and provide regional customers with more efficient, convenient and high-quality services.
in recent years, with the continuous development and growth of the company, the comprehensive strength has been continuously enhanced, and the market demand for products is strong, and it has a good market foundation nationwide. its innovative product (automatic revolving door with two wings when the exhibition box retracts without clipping people) has the "fault-safety" protection function through "frequency conversion technology innovative design of mechanical structure", which structurally eliminates the main entrance of the traditional revolving door. the hidden danger of trapping people in dangerous areas has solved a major problem that has been plaguing the industry. the safety function of the product has been qualitatively improved, which is unique in the market and is deeply recognized and loved by users!
i have what others don't have, i am good when others have, and i am special when people are good...in the accumulation of innovation, breakthroughs, forge ahead, and technology empowerment. after 20 years of deep cultivation in the industry, ruize has always maintained a strong vigor and vitality.
the establishment of the zhejiang branch has given the wings to the development of ruize in the zhejiang region, and has become a booster for the deepening of the market. let us look forward to the vigorous rise and sailing of zhejiang branch!

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